A Benefit Statement is sent out annually showing;

  1. Personal Details such as the members’ name, date of birth, gender, pensionable service, National Identification Number, as well as the Record of Service (R/S) Number and Member Number. Both the R/S Number and Member Number can be used interchangeably.

NB: Members who joined the Fund after October 2018 will have a Member Number only.

  1. Financial details such as cumulative contributions, cumulative interest, current year pension contributions made by both the employer and employee, current year interest earned on contributions and additional voluntary contributions (if any). If the employer is not up to date with remittance of pension contributions to the Fund, the outstanding contributions will also be shown on the Benefit Statement.

NB: The statement should be checked for the correctness and accuracy of all the details. If there are any details that are not correct, the member should contact the Fund immediately in order to facilitate the correction of the wrong details.