A death benefit is payable if a member dies in service or out of service before he/she is paid his/her benefits.

In the event of death before retirement, the member's beneficiaries are entitled to receive death benefits. If a member had qualified to go on retirement at the time of death, then the surviving spouse or beneficiaries would be entitled to a monthly pension guaranteed for five years and thereafter for life.


The surviving spouse, children or other beneficiaries would receive a lump sum death benefit if the pension per annum is less than the amount prescribed by the regulations which is currently pegged at ZWL $6,000.

If a member dies in service, the beneficiaries are entitled to receive an additional death benefit (funeral assistance), which is an amount of money paid immediately after the death of the member to assist with funeral expenses. The additional death benefit assistance was also extended to the former members (pensioners) of MIPF with effect from 1 July 2010. This funeral assistance (ADB) is reviewed on a regular basis and will only be paid if the pensioner died on or after 1 July 2010.
NB: Death Benefits are subject to Tax.

Entitlement of Death Benefits

As per Pension and Provident Funds rule, the order of entitlement is as follows:
• Surviving spouse (s) and dependant children
• Parents
• Siblings
• Nominated beneficiaries
• Estate

Requirements For Processing Death Benefits and ADB

• Written notification of the member's death indicating his/her name.
• R/S number, beneficiary's name and copies of national identity document,                  birth certificates in respect of children below 18 or up to age 21 provided proof of    education is supplied, at the time of death.
• Copy of death certificate or burial order.
• Proof of Marriage (Marriage Certificate or Affidavits).
These details can be faxed to MIPF to facilitate quick payment.


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